I am normally very shy and conservative, will I look nervous in my photos? Is this really for me?

I think it is high time that we, as a culture of women put much more value into ourselves. It is time to give yourself one big hug and say, "I'm worth it!"  I've been told time and again that these sessions are life changing.   

We only move forward doing what you are comfortable with.  Although most clients end up having so much fun they become more adventurous and playful than they thought they would. I have no problem if you want to book a double session, that is : having a friend do a shoot on the same day.


I am plus size, can you make me look 15 pounds lighter? Can you make me look like the models on your website?

The “models” on my website are normal ladies just like you and me. I highlight the features you love and camouflage those you don’t, using creative lighting, props and flattering poses.


I probably cannot afford professional boudoir photography. Are your packages very expensive?

I offer a range of packages so that every woman will find something to suit her needs. In addition to one of three packages, you may also add on items a la carte style so it is very easy to stay within your budget or treat yourself to some extras.


Do you provide the wardrobe?

I provide everything you will need for an amazing and sexy photo-shoot set.

For Boudoir I provide sheets and a fur rug, as well as accessories like pearls, gloves, peacock feathers, boas, handcuffs and more.

For the PinUp shoots I have a wide range of authentic vintage items like iron and vacuum cleaner, 1950’s Coke-a-Cola cooler and more.


Do you offer hair & make-up services?

I incorporate professional hair & make-up into my packages as I want my clients to have the overall transformative and pampering experience in my studio with my all-female staff.


Do you offer retouching?

Minor photo retouching is standard on all finished images (blemish removal for example). Body contouring and major retouching are an additional $10 per image (tattoo removal for example).


How far in advance do I need to book my appointment?

Book the photo shoot with plenty of time before the date you want your finished images by (framed images can take two weeks, albums can take up to six weeks).  Also, do not forget your “personal calendar”, that is book your shoot the week after your period.


What do I need to bring?

I recommend that you bring at least one lingerie outfit that fits and flatters you perfectly and makes you feel super sexy.  I highly recommend a bodysuit - it will lift the bosom, hide the tummy and (if highcut on the sides) will make your legs look long! Another example would be a black bra, panties and garter set with traditional (non-rubberized) stockings. Also a nude strapless bra and thong are great to have on hand as well for implied nudes.


How do I prepare for my photo shoot?

For the two weeks leading up to your appointment I recommend a few things:

Drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and salty foods. 

Stay out of the sun, you don’t want tan lines, freckles or a sunburn (please do not spray tan).

Color and/or trim your hair as close to your photoshoot date as possible.

Wax or tweeze the necessities.

Mani-Pedi, chipped nail polish is a no-no, so have either perfect polish or no polish.

The day of your photo shoot wear loose fitting clothing (you don’t want bra strap lines, or gym sock lines).


How did you get started in Boudoir and PinUp photography – why should I go to Flash Me By Ashli?

My first memory experimenting with photography is at age seven creating prints in my dad’s kitchen-darkroom, I worked as a photojournalist throughout high school and university, and eventually even started an original monthly newspaper with a friend.

Boudoir & PinUp photography was a natural transition for me once I became a mother, I was given a new-found appreciation for the female form. I stepped away from photojournalism and took my love of all things feminine and vintage and made portraiture my focus.

I am a female photographer who works with an all female team of professionals, my goal is to make you look stunning and feel unstoppable. Ready?

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