Flash Me by Ashli | About

Ashli was brought up with creative expression at the heart of her development, with her mother an art therapist and her father a photographer and graphic artist.  While attending High School and University Ashli was a photojournalist for the yearbooks and weekly newspapers. She participated in several study-abroad programs throughout University, and won an award for her travel photography. It was upon becoming a mother though that Ashli began to truly embrace the artistic value of the female form, expanding her repertoire to include Boudoir & PinUp Portraits. Located in Thousand Oaks, California.


Ashli was diagnosed at a very early age with severe scoliosis. After two surgeries she spent her ‘tween and teen years doing everything possible to hide what she saw as deformities and scars. As an adult she now sees these as victories of physical and emotional endurance. It is Ashli's wish that every female feel beautiful, strong, and more-than-comfortable in her own skin. 


Ashli loves the playful spirit of Boudoir & PinUp, celebrating female curves, and the positive self-image that this photographic style lends itself to. For her this genre isn't just about pretty photos - it is about finding something inside yourself that you didn't know (or just forgot) was there. Photography for Ashli is a way to capture this feeling and bring this out in her subject; she wants all females to feel beautiful, sexy and empowered!


Ashli is a 2017 Distinguished Member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.  She also contributed to the Hollywood Beauty Detective Project, At Your Cervix, and she continues to donate her services to Safe Passage and other organizations that educate and empower women. You've seen her in both Shape Magazine and InStyle Magazine. Flash Me By Ashli is a fully insured and licensed business, as Ashli has been shooting boudoir for over fifteen years.